[Glitch Movie Interview] How to tune into your Angels (Honour)


Last week I had the pleasure to be interviewed by the producers of the up and coming The Glitch Movie. It was such an honour to be chosen as one of the world’s Angel Lady’s to be interviewed.
Such a relaxed and enjoyable hour talking to Sheri about my love of Angels.

What’s the movie about?
Great question: here’s the synopsis:
THE GLITCH… a gritty fable about finding our angels.

Our heroine is Ella, a nearly-great professional singer who’s just spent two years in prison. She’s determined to start all over and make it up to her son, Danny. They’ve landed in a small town in Cajun Country. It’s full of kind, caring people who, despite their struggles, take Ella and Danny into their hearts.

A mysterious glitch appears on Ella’s TV. People call it an angel and flock to ask the angel for help. Sometimes miracles occur. Although they call her “The Angel Lady,” Ella does not buy the “miracle” thing for a minute. But, she goes along with it and profits from it.

Danny is all she cares about. All that matters to her is making up for those lost years and providing him with the chances to realize his potential. She doesn’t need, nor does she believe in angels. Although, when “The Angel Lady” is forced to defend her beliefs against the local antagonistic clergy, Ella is very convincing.

Then it all turns. Her new flame, Tab, discovers the scam and dumps her. Her son Danny moves out because he also hates her Angel Lady con. Most unfortunately, Ella’s abusive ex-boyfriend has found her; when she rejects him, Billy and the DA conspire to bust her on phony drug charges. The deal offered, is that Ella must confess her TV Angel’s a scam, or go to prison, again. In anguish, she contemplates destroying the faith of the people who sought help from the angel. She can’t.

But there comes a night when her problems seem insurmountable; Ella devises a desperate plan to sell the Angel TV and start a new life. As she flees, she rams her truck into a deep ditch, out in the middle of nowhere. In her most desperate moment she asks the Divine for help. Miss Marie, her elderly neighbor miraculously locates Elle, and sets her back on the road. She urges Ella to have true faith that her angels will protect her, and that she can face the world and her problems. Ella returns to town and defends herself at her trial, successfully. She admits she did not believe, but Miss Marie, who found her and saved her, said an angel led her there.

That’s when she discovers that last night, Miss Marie had passed away… prior to their meeting on the bayou road. The visitation silences the courtroom and her critics.

The Angel Lady finally believes she deserves and HAS the assistance of angels. She truly has arrived at a fresh start in her life.
What did Sheri ask me?
Well, Sheri asked me lots of things about my love of Angels, how I have developed a deep connection with the Angels and how I understand the guidance of the Angels through Angel Signs.  One question Sheri had for me was a follows:
You have become highly attuned to Angel signs and synchronicities.  How can we develop that skill?
My answer was simple: Develop your observation skills
Be: present: Eyes open, Ears open, Heart open.

My interview will go live on the glitch website in about three weeks: I will keep you informed.
Happy St Patrick’s Day, have a blessed and lucky week.
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Angel Blessings

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by michelle