The Angels Toolbox


The Angels Toolbox

The Angels Toolbox Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady’s complete works. All titles work compliment each other and work beautifully together.

Do the meditations then use the books to look up the coloured messages you receive.  Do an oracle card reading and use the books to search for deeper meaning and clarification.

Toolbox includes:

The Angel Feather Oracle

The Angel Feather Oracle Companion Cook

NEW: Archangel Michael’s Sword & Shield Oracle

Angel Staircase Meditations 1 & 2

Angel Altars: Creating your own Sacred Space

Set of AOK Colour Chakra Cards


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The Angels Toolbox

The Angels Toolbox brings you the most beautiful set of tools that will assist you to connect with your Benevolant Angels & Archangels. Would you like to connect with your Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides? Would you like to interpret colour signs that the Angels leave in your daily life and in your meditations? Would you like to decrease you stress levels and improve your health? Would you like to receive comfort and guidance from your Angels anytime of the day or night? Would you like to learn different and simple ways to bring Angels into your home? Would you like to easily reference an Angel or Archangel to help you with a certain problem? Would you like to easily find a special prayer? Would you like to easily reference the meanings of roses, flowers and crystals? Would you like to learn more about colour therapy and how you can implement the benefits of colour in your life? Would you like to learn how to tap into your creative skills and make your very own Sacred Angel Altar? Would you like to feel your Angels around you more easily? Would you like to work with the Angels to maintain a positive mindset by using daily affirmations? Would you like to know what it means to find a coloured feather? Would you like to easily reference the meanings of different coloured feathers that you find? Would you like to manifest beautiful things into your life by working with Angel Altars? Would you like your Angels to deliver deep heart healing, chakra balancing and stress relief? Would you like to be given your very own Angelic Sacred Symbol to use in manifesting work? The Angels toolbox will bring you the knowledge and skills to connect with your Angels simply on a day to day basis. Every title in the toolbox works together. Receive guidance through flowers and coloured messages in the Angel Staircase Meditations and then refer to your books for clarification. Ask for guidance day or night using either the card deck or the companion book. Receive extended meanings for each of the 44 coloured feather of the oracle through the companion book when you are guided to. Both books have back sections with many resources that you will reference frequently. All tools are designed to use on a regular basis. With the Angel Toolbox be prepared for ongoing Divine Angel Blessings to enter you life.

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