Angel Staircase: Meditations for entering the Angelic Realm


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Angel Staircase: Meditations for entering the Angelic Realm

Angel Staircase: Meditations for entering the Angelic Realm by Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady.  The Angel Staircase features an exquisite series of guided meditations.  Each meditation is accompanied by heavenly Angelic music which ensures pure relaxation and soothes the soul.

Ascend the Angel Staircase with your Spirit Guide and journey to the realm of the Angels and Archangels to receive healing, love, guidance and many Angel blessings.  Tracks include the Angels Ballroom, The Archangel Cathedral & The Angel Hall of Blessings.

The Angel Ballroom allows you to be totally surrounded by the energy of love and joy in the company of your very own Guardian Angel.  Here your Guardian Angels also blesses you with the the gift of reunion and reconnection.

In the Archangels Cathedral visit the Grand Altar of the Archangels and meet Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Metatron & Raziel.  After a time of pure connection and relaxation you will stand before the Grand Altar to receive the blessing of your very own Archangelic Manifestation Symbol.

Finally visit the Angelic Hall of Blessings where you are blessed with protection, guidance and answers as you receive a series of symbolic blessings in the presence of Archangels Michael and Raziel.  An Angelically inspired and orchestrated series that you will treasure.  This CD brings all my works together.  Use the Angel Feather Oracle Card Deck, Companion Book & the soon to be released Angel Altars Book to decipher the colour, crystal and flower blessings received in the Angel Hall of Blessings. RRP: $24.95


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