Angels of Kindness Fund

Michelle Newten


How did it all begin?

The ‘Angels of kindness’ fund has quite an interesting story filled with many synchronicities and Angelic intervention. Little did I know that a simple homework exercise in kindness with my meditation group would be destined to develop into a wonderful ongoing project.  A project that quietly spreads kindness throughout the world and one that I would become so passionate about. The exercise set for my meditation group was to anonymously leave a gift for someone. I didn’t realise how difficult the exercise would prove to be for the group. Many of them were unable to manage the task as it was all too complicated for them, whilst others managed to leave the gift but when questioned by the receiver the secret was revealed.

In February 2006 following many synchronicities I decided to make life easier for the group by hand making feather cards that they could send onto others in need. ‘The Feather’ is a sign left by Angels to let us know that they are near; therefore it seemed appropriate to place a feather on the front of the card.  Inside each card is now the poem ‘An Angel for You’ which I wrote specifically for the feather cards with Angelic assistance this year 2009.

Sending an Angel of Kindness Feather card:-

The sender thinks about the intended recipient and sends an Angel to them to assist appropriately or says a prayer for them. The sender then places some beautiful Angel confetti provided inside the feather card; this is another sign for the person that Angels are being sent to them. The card is not signed. The card is placed inside the envelope and the ‘Angel of Kindness’ sticker is placed on the back and a stamp on the front.
NB:- Not only can a kindness be a deed but the act of prayer for someone is a powerful channel of grace that can be achieved from a distance at any time or place. Therefore, by sending an Angel to someone or asking for assistance for them is a truly beautiful act of grace and kindness.

Finally you may ask why is it important for the card to be sent anonymously?

I believe that Angels do great work quietly, with unconditional love and without requiring recognition. Consequently when the card is sent without a signature you are truly acting as an Angel!

You too can be an ‘Angel of Kindness’ by supporting the fund.

Since 2006 the ‘Angels of Kindness Fund’ has sold many feather cards which has resulted in the cards being sent all over the world. This is a simple act of kindness but one that has proven to mean so much to so many.  All money raised from sales of the hand-made cards goes back into making more cards and for the purchase of stamps. As the ‘A.O.K ‘fund continues to grow surplus money raised from sales with be donated to charities (I will keep you informed through the ‘AOK’ newsletter).

featherEach Feather Card Pack Contains :-

  • 1) The recipe for kindness (instructions)
  • 2) 3 different coloured feather cards with envelopes
  • 3) Inside each card the poem “An Angel For You”
  • 4) Angel confetti to place inside card
  • 5) Sticker to place on the back of the envelope
  • 6) Your last act of kindness is to place your stamp on the envelope.

To all ‘Angels of Kindness’ remember that “what you give out will return tenfold”.
May many Angel Blessings come back to you:- Michelle xxx


An Angel For You:- 

An Angel stands beside you,
I Know because I sent them there,
to take away your heartache,
pain, burdens & earthly cares.
In place will be bestowed
great blessings I am sure,
of God’s love, comfort &
healing, unconditional & pure.
Golden wings will wrap you closely,
I know that it is true,
that an Angel has been sent with
great love especially for you

© (MN) Angels Of Kindness 2009


A-spare-set-of-wings-card-blue-back‘A Spare Set of Wings':- set of 3 cards.  All have white wings but each has a different coloured heart in the centre.  White wings with a white heart & white wings with a green heart on a dark blue background plus white wings with a pink heart on a purple background.  These cards have been designed to assist the work of Earth Angels; the cards are heaven-sent for Earth Angels to deliver strength, love and Divine resolve uplifting people world wide.  The cards are suitable for both men & women; non age specific.  The set includes poem “A spare set of wings!” on a separate card which I wrote especially for the giver to keep, the three cards with envelopes plus ‘Angels of Kindness’ stickers to place on the envelope.

As with the original feather fund cards they are designed to give anonymously as the work of Earth Angels is done quietly without the expectation of reward.  All funds raised through the sales of these sets goes directly to the ‘Angels of Kindness Fund’ for production of cards; all excess money is donated to charity.  A significant amount of money has been donated to charity over the past 12 months. Thank you to all past and future ‘Angels of Kindness’ who have made a difference in the world by purchasing and sending the cards out all over the world.  The Angels above applaud the work of ‘Earth Angels’. Angel Blessings