Angel Power Hour with Special Guest Damien Munro


Discover 3 ways to transform your negative thinking!
Welcoming Australia’s leading ‘Heal Your Life’ Coach Damien Munro. Damien envelops the life long teachings of the renowned ‘Louise Hay’. He will share just a taste of her teachings tonight under the transformation energies of the Magical Super Blue Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse. What a perfect time to embrace the awakening energies to become more self aware and unleash the real unique YOU!
Only 4 places left for this fabulous workshop this Saturday at the AOK Healing Centre & AOK Salt Room Kialla CLICK HERE:


by Michelle

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  1. Michelle Schwan says:

    I have an autistic son and love him dearly and have taken on two more children who were taken away from their mother. One is a very angry child and I cop the worst of his nastiness

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