Angel Hour


Don’t miss ‘The Aussie Angel Lady’ Michelle Newten for her Angel Hour & Weekly Angel Reading
Following the weekly Angel reading Michelle will perform short intuitive Angel readings for fans on the page as guided.

Let’s build the energy!
#1: Click on this photo
#2: Also put this on your wall so you don’t forget
#3: Write the word ‘Excited’ below

See you on Thursday, Won’t we!
Angel Blessings Michelle


by Michelle

118 thoughts on “Angel Hour

  1. Janice Hall says:

    Michelle i am always excited when you come on i dont expect you to read for me evey time but on the 3 occasions you have you have been spot on im going away on holiday for 2 weeks and will miss you as i look fwd to listening to you i go on sat so will be straight bk on when i get bk xxxx

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