About Michelle Newten

About Michelle Newten: The Aussie Angel Lady

Michelle is a spiritual teacher & healer who’s aim is to introduce her community to the Angelic realm so that they may find comfort and hope.  She promotes loving kindness as the natural way of the Earth Angel and encourages Earth Angels to share their love and passions in the world.


Michelle Newten is affectionately known as ‘The Aussie Angel Lady’.

Angelic Medium, Inspirational Speaker & Metaphysical Teacher.

Author of ‘The Angel Feather Oracle‘ & other Angelic titles now collectively known as ‘The Angels Toolbox’.

 The Angels Toolbox

angels toolbox2

Michelle worked as a Registered Nurse Division 1 for 30 years as is a passionate advocate for nurses and children with disabilities especially Autism.

In 1999 Michelle began studying a variety of Natural Therapies: Touch for Health I -IV (Kinesiology), Dip. Kinesiology (SNHS), Thought Field Therapist (Kinesiology), Dip.Crystal Healing (SNHS), Hopi Ear Candling Cert, & in 2005 became an Angel Intuitive.

Following the Angel Intuitive course Michelle developed her AOK Range of greeting cards & affirmation magnets.

The Angels of Kindness Fund:

The Angels of Kindness Fund was founded in 2006 which aims to spread kindness world wide and to this day forms the foundation of her Spiritual Business.

Angels of Kindness Fund Feather Cards


AOK Online Academy:

AOK_Online_Academy-22015 has seen the release of her ‘Angel Feather Oracle Certification Course’ and the launch of her online training facility called the AOK Online Academy: She invites you to undertake her Angel Feather Oracle Certification Course and join her inner circle.Michelle is passionate about teaching Earth Angels how to connect with her Angel Feather Oracle in a deep and profound way so that they can step into their life purpose of being Angelic counsellors and healers.  Michelle is a registered training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.




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Personal Message from Michelle:

“I hope that visiting the AOK Angels of Kindness website will be a truly Angelic experience for you. AOK Angels is all about Angels and spreading Kindness in the world through the Angels of Kindness Fund . My site aims to give Angel knowledge, Angelic Answers & information that will assist you and your loved ones on your journeys. The Angel shop contains beautiful Angel gifts of all descriptions; including the AOK product line of inspirational greeting cards and affirmation magnets that are designed to change the way you think and feel.”